Monday, November 19, 2012

Yoga life in Mandrem beach

A full month. More than a month has gone by since I first landed in India!

It was the madness of Delhi for a couple of days. A hurricane of events. Sometimes I floated through it smiling. Feeling the poetry behind that constant illuminated imbalance of everything. Orchestra of red spit marks on the floor interwoven with all kinds of wheeled demons and angels, peppered with horns and yells and dogs and cats and cables.
Sometimes I felt like drowning. I almost walked into a Mc Donalds, just to find a kind of link, a buoy to a known way of doing things.

But anyway.
Now in Mandrem, a small beach in the North of Goa.
Only to days to go until the end of the amazing journey that has been the Yoga Teacher Training course with Himalaya Yoga Valley.

Every single day I've been grateful to be here learning and growing.
Every day, except Sunday, the same drill:
Waking up round 6 am to go down to breathe, meditate and chant in the shala. Opening up those mysterious and intangible inner challenges between the cries of crows, the howls of dogs, the chirping of coconuty squirrels. Bathing in Yoguita's beautiful voice or the meditation journeys create by my piers.
Eagerly drink the green tea with a banana and 7.30.
And back on the mat at 8 for more than just stretching with Lalit. Many times ending up with the toes behind the ears. The hips totally open. The body aching to continue and to stop at the same time.
Breakfast in silence at 10. Never grow tired of the fruit, muesli and yoghurt, and the classic bread.
A class at 11: Anatomy, philosophy, ayurveda, class management, business, and others. So much new information. So many doors, windows and curtains opening up.
2 hours for lunch break. I once walked to the beach, but almost melted down. So usually stay in my hut for a nice fresh salad and a bit of reading.
3 pm the next class
4.30 a sweet sweet Masala Chai, sometimes peanut and coconut treats. Followed by another class. More deep fire breathing, sweating, smiling, cursing. Laughing, crying.
Then a shower and dinner. Curries, paneer, sometimes Pad Thai. Completing some homework. Talking to this beautiful new family of people about.... Yoga
My mind will wander off to sleep with thoughts like: Inhale raise your arms, exhale fold over your knees.

Mandrem beach was probably the most chilled and friendly location in Goa. It only took a couple of days to know most people on THE street. You would soon find yourself talking about the latest events: The newborn piggies, the new dog in town (that I had to take for a ride in the scooter to find his owner), whether or not we had finished the yoga course!

I feel in a way this one month full on intensive course changed me. My daily way of approaching life, the body and the mind. Especially the breathing.
I feel a bit more awake. In this long windy road of constantly opening and closing the eyes to all kinds of realities.
More than anything I am deeply grateful to the Himalaya Yoga Valley crew for all they kindly shared, which is much more than a yoga course. And also to my awesome new yoga buddies. All talented beautiful people. Looking forward to hearing bout their adventures!

It has taken me ages to finsih this post! And now I am far away from those tranquil warm lands. Sitting on a rooftop, sipping a papaya lassi, watching the sunset colouring the magnificent Taj Mahal.
While my dear friend Clarita sketches cartoony pigs by my side.

More on that soon : )

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