Tuesday, June 19, 2012

In Paris!

París went fast. Time dissapeared with the crumbles of oh so many baguettes, croissants. The skin of so many wonderful cheeses. The cork of beautiful wines.
It was good.

I stayed in my friend Flora's house and, once again, barely left it.
The first day, a rainy one, we spent all day catching up in front of the little table that kept on accumulating our activities. Breakfast, nail polish, drawings, stones, lunch, wine and cheese.
This is what happens when you haven`t seen a friend in 3 years.

I was staying in the beautiful neighborhood of Belleville.
Had one day with plenty of walking, getting lost in little poetic streets. Having lunch by the Senna. Stretching my neck to salute gargoyles and heavily laden men that watch over Notre Dame.

Everything is perfectly beautiful and pleasant to the eyesight in this city.
But it is not a cold, distant and untouchable beauty. It is the beauty that comes with the ability to embrace it all, from a delicate Pan dancing between the flowers to the constant sirens that decorate the soundscape.

Rain was with us most of the time. Of course it was beautiful too.
We escaped to the omnipresent cafés or boulageries. To look at the haute couture collections were I learnt oh so much from Flora´s friends who work with femenine aesthetics (a clothing designer and a make-up artist).

Again, not much tourism. I had only one glance at the Eiffel tower, from the Palais de Tokio. beautiful at night, shimmering with diamonds. We attended the opening of an exhibition at night in the Palais. So much information in this impossible-to-define collection of contemporary art. Every piece of work was a journey. From a room full of flying dresses and characters, to a video of loose arms and legs finding each other.
Paris is constant inspiration.

We did spend a lot of time in the beautiful Jardin des Plantes. This is where the Museum were Flora works as a taxidermist is located. Also where we had a delicious pinic and where Dani and I visited the Compared Anatomy Museum. We had a gigantic question mark on top of our heads while looking at innumerable skeletons, brains, intestines. Everything in french. Us, guessing which animal we were looking at. Flat nosed elephants, big whale hands, smiling foetuses.
Possibl y aspring clothing collection inspired in a bat's long fingers will come up in Chile soon.

It was also a great rest to be in Paris. Late mornings in my beautiful little room by the garden. Long breakfasts with delicious tea. Thanks Flori!

Walking through Luxemburg gardens. Looking at the plentiful beautiful fountains that appear in every corner. Visiting Flora's workplaces where death becomes alive through threads, needles, delicately carved feathers. such delicacy to infuse animals with a long gone spirit.
And I discovered how soft and fluffy a swan can be.

We even had a bit of dancing with Flora's beautiful talented friends.

Now writing from sunny Switzerland, where every day is spent on the beacj by the lake. Sipping wine, eating cheese...

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