Monday, June 11, 2012

New York and Atlanta

This is not the first time I've been to this magical city. But apparently it always feels like the first time. It is constant flux. Alive with sounds and rhythms that run under the Hudson's flow, over the bridges, between the walking beings.
This time around it was mostly about Brooklyn as that's where I was staying.
Everyday crossing bridges in the best means of transport: A beautiful bike : )


I stayed in Oscar's house. He is not only my good friend Ximena's brother, but also one of the best hosts in the world. I felt at home in his bright haven. To the point were it was actually hard for me to leave the house and the garden to see other parts of New York.

Luckily I had this beautiful stylish (and also incredibly heavy) bike at my disposition which winked at me saying: Come on, lets go and cross some bridges, get to know the beautiful Brooklyn hood!



The weekend was beautiful. Great weather was with us while we surfed the tides of Chinatown, Union Square and Chelsea. Discovering new species of fish, pastrami, cheese, bread, ginger ice cream. The amount of stimuli in this city is never ending!
Everyone seems to be thrilled by the evasive but clear presence of summer. Tango and rumba in the streets. Friendly rainbow-making rain turning piers into floating mirrors.







The week was mostly spent pedaling around. Slowly discovering Brooklyn which has a completely different rhythm to Manhattan. It is slower, smoother. But not boring. Well paced. Dotted with art and literature and wide green spaces.
Wherever I went I usually ended up with my nose well hidden behind books. So many amazing libraries.
Or in a relaxing yoga class.
Or spying the black and white life of the orthodox neighborhood.
Or just looking at the ever changing sky, in awe.


My only real tourist destination was MOMA. Riding there, through 8th or 5th avenue between the cabs was as exciting an experience as going down a ski slope.
The beautiful MOMA building was packed with people. To the point that if you wanted to get near a Starry Night you would have to scuba dive between the tentacles of audio machines narrating the ever changing stories. Or merge with the hidden eyes, behind all the lenses.
It is sometimes a bit overwhelming to face that side of "culture".
Nevertheless the collection and exhibitions don't cease to impress. I really enjoyed watching a collection of exquisite corpses, the deconstruction of language and the great Cindy Sherman.
Even more I enjoyed getting to know the workshop were my host and a bunch of great people work creating these enormous three-dimensional collages in heavy layers of glass.
Definitely too hard to explain using words and too much of an immersive experience to show in pictures. Not  sure what the name of the artist was... Dustin Yellin!



Last but not least, the amazing goodbye dinner. An exquisite menu created and produced by Chez Óscar: Ají de shrimp with Chilean Sea Bass (one of the yummiest fish I have ever tried). 
Here is a story in pictures of this beautiful dish.
Thanks for everything Óscar!

Now I'm in Atlanta, packing up for next destination.
It's been an amazing weekend celebrating my cousin Jonathan's wedding with the beautiful lovely Lauren.
Definitely the most stylish wedding I have ever attended, and great fun.

Everything started as it should: In a SPA. Where an ever changing cast of beautiful ladies (including moi) would get their nails done, or a massage, or a facial...
Until now I had never known the little details that go into so many women's nails...

Didn't actually get to see much of Atlanta. But enough to realize that it is a beautiful city with a unique identity and, as Lauren says from Raglan, with oh so many streets named "Peachtree"!
The city has a rel impressive architecture and sky line which you could observe from the classy hotel were most of the wedding party was staying, or from the beautiful park that was only one block away.

With Atlanta being, well, Atlanta, a visit to "The World of Coca-Cola" couldn't be missed...
Truthfully I left the building kind of scared of polar bears and sweet sodas in general.
But it was interesting to learn a bit more about the history, the marketing, and the robots that have built this world-wide empire.

Jon and Lauren, better known as LL and Cool J, did an amazing work designing every little detail that surrounded this event. From cotton bags full of goodies and memoirs for all the hotel guests through to beautifully crafted booklets, a cool website.
The rehearsal dinner was beautifully decorated with crystal center pieces built by Jon. And they both looked amazing while expressing their love to da people.


And then the wedding itself took place in a museum. They pronounced their poetic vows under a Chuppah also built by Jon. The love could be felt miles away. A procession of classy Best men and glamorous Bridesmaids, all black and white, narrated memories of the couple and celebrated the union.
I was simply real grateful to spend this time with them and get to know them just a bit more.
Also real happy to have a good dance, jewish and hip hop style. Amazing dancers in Atlanta!

 Probably the best thing was simply spending time with the family.
I don't usually get to see the US side of this family, so it was a great opportunity to share with them. And also with my dad, Vivi and Sarah who took her fist flight alone! (following my footsteps?)

Thanks for everything LL and Cool J, you guys rock!

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  1. Hola preciosa, justo hoy llame a mi hermano pensando ke te podia encontrar alla...pero ya habias partido. Ahhh que ganas de haber volado y haberme encontrado contigo alla. Me alegro de saber que va todo viento en popa! un abrazo grande